November 10, 2016

Table for Two Please


I had lunch today with two great friends. Both are current morning show hosts here in Detroit. They now compete against each other every day. Less than five years ago the three of us hosted a morning show together. We did really well and I loved it. Well, one of my friends got a great chance to host a show on the extremely successful sports station and he grabbed it. After he left, the band just wasn’t the same.

We noshed today and, as you would expect, the conversation was all over the place. Politics, sports, radio and some family. By the end, I realized that three is a crowd. Here’s why. There just isn’t enough time to finish an answer without the other friend saying, “Oh don’t let me forget to ask” or “getting back to your question” and so on throughout the entire lunch.

Now, I love both of these guys. However, I realized when you take three like-minded radio guys and put them together to break some bread you’re going to walk away conversation hungry. Does that make sense? As I drove home I decided that, for now on, to just do lunch with one friend.

That means more lunches with friends too!